Jon Hamm’s Wang and the Double-Standard

Did you know Jon Hamm has a huge dick?

Jon Hamm's dick

Sure, this isn’t new. A lot of people knew Jon Hamm has been packing for years. The tumblr page Jon Hamm’s Wang has been on the net since October of 2010. That’s almost four years worth of photos meant only to show off the package this actor holds between his legs.

Note: There are eight pages of pictures to be exact, but I feel there are only two pages worth that really accentuate his over-average-sized member.

According to the page, Jon Hamm goes commando. I don’t know how they found out this information – maybe he mentioned it in an interview, maybe it’s common knowledge around Hollywood, or maybe it’s simply a rumor – but it makes sense why his ding-dong gets a lot of attention. After all, nothing’s holding it back!

**EXCLUSIVE** Jon Hamm is spotted walking on the set of the Emmy award winning show "Mad Men", filming in Los Angeles

I mean, look at it. How can you not see that big bulge? I’d love to go commando also, but I prefer feeling cotton rub against my balls rather than stiff jeans or slacks.

Many would consider Jon Hamm to be a lucky man. He’s a handsome guy with a big dick. What more could a woman – or man – ask for?

But if you ask Jon Hamm, he’ll tell you to “that you please stop talking about his penis.” In this HuffPost article, he mentions he wears underwear (so it must just be a rumor, and no amount of undies can tame that wild beast in his pants). He also wishes people would move past the length of his manhood.

“They’re called ‘privates’ for a reason,” he exclaims.

And he apparently isn’t the only one who hates having attention brought to their giant dick.

Say what?

Say what?

If you ask many men and women, this issue is a ‘luxury problem’, or a ‘White People Problem’.

“I’ve got a huge cock that brings me a lot of attention.” *cry face*

But if you actually read the Jezebel article, you’ll notice the writer brings up a lot of issues that make complete sense: his foreskin can tighten around the head of his penis if he become excited too quickly; it can be uncomfortable for women during intercourse; and he misses out on some great positions such as anal. Let’s not even mention deep-throating.

I feel for the guy. Sure, most men wish they could be porn-star big, but it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

My penis is too big.

My penis is too big.

Then, you look at a guy like Jonah Falcon, the man with the world’s largest penis, and you can tell that it isn’t all that bad. Jonah’s ding-dong reaches 13.5 inches when erect.


And he thinks Jon Hamm should simply “nod and chuckle, but not answer any questions.” After all, Jon Hamm hasn’t been frisked by the TSA for having a big package.

So I’d listen to Jonah. I’d shut up and be grateful for the attention. It brings the women to the yard… or more precisely, to the audience of your AMC critically-acclaimed show. Plus all the films you’re in.

Sexy-EmmaWhat about all the actresses who show off their beautifully curved bodies? Emma Stone, as seen in the photo, is a wonderful comedic and captivating talent. But all of that gets reduced to nothing when men and boys declare how amazingly hot she is.

Obviously, she doesn’t shun these men by asking them to please stop talking about how hot she comes off. No, she puts on a red, low v-neck swimsuit and gives the men what they want to see.

This is where the double-standard comes in.

Poor Jon Hamm and his massive dick. He gets too much attention from it. So he wants you to stop talking about it. Well fuck you, Jon.

Funny how we can continue to minimize the talent in your female costars as nothing more than women that Don Draper fucks (and apparently he fucks them all?). But suddenly, the moment we begin to diminish your talent as nothing more than a giant bulge in your pants you cry out insensitivity on behalf of society.

I agree with Jonah Falcon on this one. Jon needs to chuckle and nod and STFU.

If you would like to see 10 other hot bulges that are definitely more impressive than Jon Hamm’s, click here.

Note: I thought about putting an NSFW notice on the article, but I figure the title denotes how NSFW it really is. Besides, I cuss all the time. You guys should know not to open this at work!


MGM Rebooted

Hi guys!

Did you miss me?

Miss MeSo, for those of you who followed me vehemently (which probably means none of you), I took time off.

A long time.

I had many other endeavors to pursue, such as moving in with my parents, getting a job, going to school, and basically getting my life together. I still don’t have my life together, but I feel I have somewhat of a good handle on things. So, I decided to breathe life back into my blog.


For those of you who used to read my blog, I ranted about my everyday life or pretty much whatever popped into my head. I plan on doing much of the same again, but I want more transparency. Basically, I don’t want to hide behind anonymity any longer. I want to really put myself out there, be personable, and try to relate to my readers.

I have a lot of ideas already, but we’ll see how things go. I would hate to let anyone down by promising something I am unsure I can provide at this time. However, I am excited about returning to my old blogging grounds and reconnect with people I haven’t talked to in ages.


Some of you may be worried that this new version of MGM (that’s MadGayMan, if you were wondering) will suck. I mean, most people hate reboots: reboots of movies, comics, television shows, and so forth. The only thing I can guarantee is that my attempts at being wacky and funny will remain, along with my short stories, MGM Awards to other great bloggers, stolen borrowed Google images, and cuss words.

Note: I just realized there isn’t any profanity in this post whatsoever.


There. That’s better.

If you missed me, or you just want to say hey, OR you want to suggest how I should freshen things up (besides removing content and changing themes… since I already did that), feel free to leave a comment below!