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Don’t Thank God, Thank Yourself

I’ve written on another blog about taking power away from yourself and giving it to some religious entity. In the real world, a person you should thank is yourself. Even if there is a God, you’re doing the real work. Thank yourself. Start appreciating yourself more. Stop reaching outside yourself to some figure in the sky and bring it back down here with you.

I am not anti-religious or anti-Christian. I am anti-beingthanklessforyourself. We forget all the power we hold inside ourselves because we give it away. We thank our parents for giving birth to us, we thank our boyfriends for being so supportive, our sisters for being so loving, etc. How about thanking yourself for doing what you need to do to live? For pushing through the obstacles and overcoming adversity to survive?

Look in the mirror some times and say to yourself, “Thank you for being so amazing.” It isn’t selfish or narcissistic to love yourself and take care of yourself. It’s what you have to do in order to survive in the world and help others. Without your health, you’re not able to take care of others.

Say thank you to you. You’re an incredible person. Stop hating on yourself. You’re made up of so much beauty. There’s only one person like you in this world, and you should feel liberated with it. Use it and show the world you are amazing, beautiful, and gifted. You’re the gift to this world, not the other way around. God didn’t do anything for you. You did everything for yourself.

Here I’ll start: “Thank you for being so damn beautiful, intelligent, and loving. Thank you for allowing me to see the inner strength and confidence you have for yourself. Thank you for being there, being you every day despite the odds. You’re strong, powerful, and exquisite. Stay strong. Thank you.”

5 responses to “Don’t Thank God, Thank Yourself

  1. Stacy ⋅

    Dislike. There is a difference between giving away your power and being grateful. I think you can appreciate your inner awesomeness AND thank your creator. Gratitude is not a finite resource, but there’s definitely not enough of it in our world today. #ThankABitch

  2. conniewalden ⋅

    Deep inside every human being, is the knowledge he is a soul, a spiritual being accountable to God. We all know this deep down inside. We know our souls will stand before God someday. We know it, though we try to erase this knowledge from our minds. We know there is a Creator, a Spirit we call God, though we try to deny it. Connie

  3. jonnieboi

    I firmly believe we rely too much on a religious deity than relying on ourselves. I believe we are God in some form and fashion, and we are the power that changes the universe. Too many times people place their energy in something that doesn’t alter anything. The only beings changing anything in this world is ourselves. I think we need to realize our power. When we do, we’ll realize we can do anything.

  4. Shan

    Great post – I don’t disagree with those saying that they should thank god, but in shifting all of the credit to god you are not being accountable for your own life. What do you do when you are responsible for something bad? Blame god? No, you take responsibility for yourself and your own actions and so too should you take the credit. Thank god for your creation, thank yourself for the leg work – you are, after all, a team.

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